PTC Companies Visited

The day was hot but our intent to spread the word was even hotter. We visited companies in the PTC area. The People’s Technology Complex last October 2, 2018. This is a huge area here in Carmona consisting of different companies and different factories.

We first introduced ourselves to the management staff of PTC and we asked permission to go to each and every company within the complex. We approached the guard on duty to ask permission to enter and we were welcomed very politely. They were very kind to direct us to go and meet one of the Operations Managers when it’s possible. But when there was no one available, we just kindly asked them to forward our Flyers, Brochures and Letters of Intent to the person in charge. 

In the letter we explained our intention to do business with them and listed other services that they may avail. Digiworkz Carmona Service Cooperative is offering the best marketing tool for your company. A website that will become your front door for the web population. Other services include Social Media Marketing, Ecommerce, Bookkeeping and Photography.

A cold drink given to us by one of the Managers cooled our tired bodies. All smiles at the end of the day. We were all grateful for this fun experience. Tiring but fun. We visited a total of 16 companies! All of which received our flyers and we are hoping to hear from them very soon.

By : Mhela