Digiworkz Carmona oath Taking

Last Sept 24, 2018, the graduates of ONLINE Filipino Workers version 2.0  Technical Training took their oath to become members of the Digiworkz Carmona Service Cooperative. They have completed their Pre-membership Education Seminar held last September 6, 2018 which was sponsored by Digiworkz. The seminar was facilitated by Ms. Barbara Balagbag, the head of Education Committee and Vice-chairman of the Board of Directors of Digiworkz Carmona Service Coop. It was an informative  whole day seminar for the newcomers to learn and understand the works of the Cooperative. The new members have also been appointed to their respective committees and have been oriented by the Chairman, Mr. Lorenzo Dupa. Great and exciting events will happen and we are happy to be with them.   We welcome the newly boarded members and we hope to do more projects with you as we all move forward together. By: Linda Lot