A Neophyte’s Freelancing Journey

How I Started Being an Online Freelancer
Last July in our community page, I noticed a post about an online job training. The training was an initiative by the DICT and a collaboration with LGU’s Tech4ED Rural Impact Sourcing. I was dreaming of becoming an online worker years ago but I don’t know how to start. So, I took the opportunity to be one of the selected trainees to empower my technical skills. The training was so comprehensive that a period of 10 days cannot cover a detailed discussion of each skill. So, with self-determination and diligence, I self-studied whenever I need to learn further into each skill. Collaborating with my fellow trainees was also a big factor. I have learned from my new friends and some have helped me get through with the difficulties.

The Training
The earlier stages were surprising but, at the same time, worth it. Later, we got used to working under pressure and hasten our tasks. We were trained to develop a website, branded a product or a company, become a social media marketer and learned other skills that can be used online.
Then came the part of getting an online job, for the first time.

The Journey
My first ever online job was easy. He just wanted some photographs.  Typically, I make product posters, tarpaulin designs, logo designs and anything for graphic design. I never thought, someone would want a photo of some common things such as a tree. I was hesitant at first about this client, but he was very considerate. Not even insisting on talking cam-to-cam and I was glad. I asked him for  further details so I can do it right. He gave me clear instructions.

I tried my best to finish the job in one day. He gave me a five-star rating and that was so delightful! Getting a five-star rating would mean you will land another job. Rest assured you will get another good deal. And so, I did. After a few days, he, again, sent me an offer for another project.

How I Got the Job – Tips and other Points


  • Consult with your coach on which online platform is reliable. Having an online marketplace can help you with financial mediation between you and your client.
  • Taking the first step means, start with the basic.
  • Create a freelancer profile, make sure to add all your skills. Include even the basic computer skills. You will be surprised that someone will need you to do simple things, even as simple as a typing job. When you are a newbie, apply for something that you think you can accomplish perfectly. That means, lower your standard when you apply for the first time.
  •  Submit a proposal in a brief and sincere message. Avoid stating your skills repeatedly because you have already mentioned it on your profile. Focus on getting the attention of a client by stating what you can do to and how can you help.
  •  You must have a ready portfolio, enough to impress an employer. Your image must be a thumbnail size of 800×800 to 1280×720 (with a minimum width of 640 pixels). Saved in image formats such as .JPG, .GIF, .BMP, or .PNG.
  • Embed watermarks to your original work. This will prevent anyone from copying your original work. And if they do copy your images, at least the quality will be reduced and it won’t be as good as yours.
  • Lastly, be friendly but also be wise in terms of sending your final output. I sent thumbnails first. After the client’s approval, I submitted the final output and ask for payment thru my online marketplace.

Remember, if you want to land your first online job, be prepared and start with the basics. Good things always start from the simplest. Take it from the butterfly’s journey. Before it grows into an adult, it goes through four stages. It started as a slow-moving creature, dependent and consuming what is all around it and it slowly grows and blossoms into a beautiful butterfly.
Hope these tips will help you through your journey. I pray for your success!