How To become an Online Filipino Worker v.2.0


I am Marissa S. Caasi from Cabilang Baybay, Carmona, Cavite. I am one of the scholars and product of the RIS Technical Training launched by DICT and Carmona LGU last July 2017. I would just like to say that the training made a huge change in my life. A change that greatly benefitted me and my family.

I worked overseas in UAE working as a nanny. I came back to tend to my kids who are growing fast and who are in dire need of a Mom. Just as I expected, looking for a job was very hard. Especially to a 43 yr old mom and a High school graduate.

To my great relief, an opportunity opened for me when Carmona LGU offered a special training to learn about Information Technology. At first, it was very hard having no knowledge in the computer except in using Facebook and Skype. But then, again, there really is nothing that we cannot learn if we put our hearts to it. With the help and kindness of my fellow trainees, I was able to cope up and indeed I am very blessed to be part of this RIS-TT Batch 2017!

I have learned so much. I have acquired skills that equipped me to be an Online worker. And right after the training, I was able to find a job. There was only one problem. I don’t own a computer.

Luckily, we have Mr. Angelo Macha, head of IT Dept of our LGU. He allowed me to borrow one of the laptops we used during training in order for me to pursue my online career. And that is what I am most thankful for. I will strive and continue on with this work to show my appreciation for his kindness.

It was a happy experience to have a Data Entry job. There were other similar jobs that I have tried and completed even for a short period of time. We also created a group and now I am a proud member of Digiworkz Carmona Service Cooperative.

February 2018 was when I landed the job as a Virtual Assistant in E-commerce Business which is based in Singapore-Thailand. It was my happiest day ever. Now I can work comfortably inside our house. I don’t need to go out of the country anymore to earn dollars. Being an OFW v 2.0 makes me do all of that even when I’m at home.

Now I am still with the same job, perfecting it more as time goes by. And I was able to buy my own computer. An Aceri5 Core, 8th gen, 4GB! Now I go around to share my experiences with my fellow Carmonians. I want to inspire them to do the same and give Technology a try so our families will have a better chance in life.

I give all my thanks firstly to the Lord, and secondly to all the people who gave me a chance and gave me their trust.

Long live Carmona and may God bless us all!