The Magnificent Strength of a Mother

I saw a mom carrying her big bag on one arm while carrying her two-year-old baby on the other.  Her older son tugging along her, clutching at her skirt, so he won’t get separated from her. Trying hard to keep up with his little footsteps, carrying his own tiny backpack. Right behind them is her elderly mom, very carefully walking so she won’t stumble with her frail legs but all the while keeping them in her failing eyesight else she might lose sight of them and be lost in the crowd.

Keeping everything and everyone at a close watch, the luggage and another hand carry, the tiny tot, her little mother, the Mom tries to speed her steps up to hail each passing jeepney. This goes on for quite a while until finally, she successfully boarded them all.

Inside, they all pile into a heap of tired souls. All resting with their beloved, strong mother. She sits up straight, arranges all their possessions in front of them, her son sitting next to her, her mother sits on the other side trying to calm the kids down who are quite excited for the trip.

She couldn’t even tie her hair into a bun. It’s now a full mess. Her hands are full of essential things like the purse and the baby who wouldn’t sit still. From her purse, she takes out the fare to pay for two seats. That means seating one of the kids on top of her mom and rearranging their bags to keep them neat in front of them so as not to disrupt other passengers with their belongings.

She anxiously waits for the change for their fare counting every coin that returned. This is to make sure they still have enough for the return trip. She assures her mom they have enough. A smile and a nod were all her mom could give.

After a short while, the kids fall asleep lulled by the journey. Her mom rests her head too onto her shoulder. She holds on to a bar to keep balance and although she wants to nod off too, she couldn’t do it. She just can’t. It is impossible. A mother just can’t let go and sleep off her tired body. She just couldn’t possibly let go of all that she holds dear.

That is how strong she is. That’s how strong a mother’s love is. Her strength is all-encompassing. Always caring. For everything. For everyone. It is simply magnificent.

Meilyn Lot