Bridging with Budding Freelancers

My story doesn’t end up being a graduate of RISTT (Rural Impact Sourcing Technical Training) Carmona. I am proud to say, I am one of those who survived in the circle of online freelancing trainees and the survivors are still intact. Although I am winning some online jobs, I still need more courage to become self-confident. Most of us (graduates) are not poised though, even after our RIS Technical Training. Most of us think that we are unripe to do an online job. Scaredy-cats bolts and hide-away when surprised. I was surprised and nervous about my first client online. I wanted to hide my face right at that moment during our Skype conversation. Hahaha.

As the first batch of DICT’s program, we started from scratch. (literally scratching our heads) confused and sometimes disordered. We are clueless if our group will still be whole. Otherwise, will we become independent freelancers not caring for each other? Our mentor Mr. Angelo Macha proposed that we create and work as a group. After going through a lot of stipulations, we now have a group, or a cooperative called DIGIWORKZ CARMONA SERVICE COOPERATIVE. Thanks to our hardworking GM Ms. Lea Purificacion who encountered the real struggle. And, without the help of our IT head Mr. Angelo Macha and Mayor Dahlia Loyola, we wouldn’t be in this stage.

Working as a group, we started with one client and later, more projects came. Since we are not-so-busy freelancers, so the idea of another set of a batch in Carmona happened. The first batch of Digiworkz Carmona was assigned to train based on our skills. While the training is in progress, three of us (Me, Lea Purificacion and Marissa Caasi) were invited by Engr. Melan Mamalateo- (Provincial Field Team Lead, DICT Cavite) to inspire freelancing wannabes in Bacoor (Cavite) and Biñan (Laguna). We accepted the challenge. I mean, the invitation. It was indeed a challenge presenting to unfamiliar faces, especially if that is your first time.

Another Rural Impact Sourcing Technical Training by DICT just recently concluded and successfully completed in Bacoor, Cavite. We were there on their last day of training. Sharing our journey from the start and the life-changing ride. The eager listeners are welcoming and determined to become a successful freelancer. The best part of that visit is the lunch treat by Sir Melan. It was indeed a lip-smacking halo-halo at Digman’s.

Simultaneously, another RISTT happened in Biñan City, Laguna. Although these areas are 30km apart (more or less), Bacoor and Biñan have shared the same Coach. He may have used a portal called TIME MACHINE! Nope. Every class has only 2 sessions per week. So that explains it. A week after Bacoor visit, we also visited Biñan. Sharing again our success story from being a RISTT graduate. We won’t get tired of sharing our stories to inspire more Filipinos who wanted to work at home.

I will also crave for the satiating Biñan Binalot treat by Sir Ramon Almazan. I am a not so food-lover… in my dreams.

Our success story may have inspired people, but inspiration without willpower will only be a dream. To those who wanted to become one of us, I’ll tell you it wasn’t easy at first. There are more challenges ahead that could make us stop or turn back from where we started. You may not want to step yet at first. But when you start a single step, confidence will slowly fire up. Don’t lose hope. As the saying goes, When the sun goes down, the stars come out.


Barbara V. Balagbag is currently working as a freelance Graphic and Web Designer of Digiworkz Cooperative Service Cooperative. She loves to travel and explore the nature, keeping the memories through her camera.